Radian measure of the central angle calculator

The formula is S = r θ where s represents the arc length, S = r θ represents the central angle in radians and r is the length of the radius. Demonstration of the Formula S = r θ The interative demonstration below illustrates the relationship

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Divide the central angle in radians by 2 and perform the sine function on it. Divide the chord length by double the result of step 1. This calculation gives you the radius. Multiply the radius by the central angle to get

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Online Central Angle Calculator

Find the radian measure of the central angle of a circle of radius r = 90 inches that intercepts an arc of length s = 130 inches. Summary: The radian measure of the central angle of a circle of


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Finding radian measure of a central angle

Solution: Central Angle = Arc length (AB) / Radius (OA) = (s × 360°) / 2πr = (5 × 360°) / 2 × 3.14 × 6 = 1800 / 37.68 = 47.77 Similarly, you can try the calculator to find the central angle for 1) arc length = 11units and radius = 9units 2) arc

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Central Angle Calculator

How to convert radians to degrees. Pi radians are equal to 180 degrees: π rad = 180° One radian is equal 57.295779513 degrees: 1 rad = 180°/π = 57.295779513° The angle α in degrees is
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Find the central angle given the arc length and radius

To convert the angle unit from radians to degrees, just multiply the value by (180/π). Simply multiply the angle value by (180/π) to convert the angle unit from radian to

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