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The standard form of a linear equation is given by the equation: Ax + By = C. where A, B, and C are constants. Standard form is useful because the x- and y-intercepts of the line can be easily found by setting x or y equal to 0, then solving for the desired variable. Doing so results in the general formulas for finding the x and y-intercept given a linear equation in standard form:

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Standard Form of Linear Equations

Standard form of a number is a x 10 b where a is a number, 1 ≤ | a | standard form is mathematically equivalent to the original number. Move the decimal point in your number until there is only
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Standard Form for Linear Equations

The first step in writing this equation in standard form is to get all the terms that contain x or y on the same side of the equation. In this case, subtract 6x from both sides to get:

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